Open day

Open day – sunday, May 23 2021

Take advantage of that day to learn more on our job of winemaker ! Guided tours of the vines and winery by the winegrower between 10am and 5pm

Lunchtime : pic-nic with the winegrower.
(bring your own food)

Other animations during the day, dinner and concert at night… Stay tuned !

Visit of the domain

Domain tour

You begin the tour by a walk in the vines with the winegrower, discovering the varieties and the farming of the vine. The visit continues in the winery to understand how we craft our wines from pressing to bottling. You finally get to know the “Vins Charentais” through a tasting of our cuvées.

From April 1st to September 15th. Booking by phone or email, 5€/person, free under 18.

Harvesting day

Harvesting day

Take part in our harvest during a day !

After welcoming the harvesters on the domain, you will be taken on the plot of vine. A breakfast will be served during the presentation of the harvest (tools, instructions and security). After the harvest, you will see the harvesting machine and the pressing of the grapes.
Finally, the meal will be served with the whole team.

Starts at 8:30am at the domain, end around 3pm

Rate : 50€/person, 20 person max

Date : September 2021 (definitive date decided in July)

Wines and local specialities tasting

Inside the winery, you will get to know our 10 different “Vins Charentais” alongside regional specialities (oysters, cheese, rillettes).

The tasting is also the chance to learn more about our profession by exchanging with us and discovering the way we craft our cuvées.

Duration : 1:30. 5€/person, free under 18.

For groups only, booking by phone or email.